Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

You Can't Pin Hulk Hogan Down; Wrestler Never Really Tells Story

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

You Can't Pin Hulk Hogan Down; Wrestler Never Really Tells Story

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Byline: Dan Macdonald, Times-Union staff writer

Title: Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Author: Hollywood Hulk Hogan with Michael Jan Friedman

Data: World Wrestling Entertainment Books, 343 pages, $26.

Review by Dan Macdonald

Leave it to a wrestler to pull his punches.

Professional wrestling and pop culture icon Hollywood Hulk Hogan leaves fans wanting more in his new autobiography.

Save your money, fans, and watch E! True Hollywood Story or Biography and you'll learn most of this information for free. This book leaps off the top rope and lands with a big thud.

The wrestling business is about deception and selling a story (and merchandise). A few years ago, when Monday night wrestling was getting better ratings than Monday Night Football, wrestler Mick Foley wrote Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks. It was a surprise hit. Who knew wrestling fans read books?

Since then, several wrestlers (many armed with a foreign object called a ghost writer) have penned books with much less success than Foley found. Hogan has the name recognition to sell plenty of books. But this one leaves fans as disappointed as a championship match with double disqualification, manager run-in finish.

Hogan tells his story but fails to take the fan into the dressing room. Since WWE owner Vince McMahon began calling professional wrestling "sports entertainment," even the most naive mark (big fan) is on to the gimmick. Fans know what is going on in the ring is phony (although the chair shots to the head are real). Fans want to know what happens behind the scenes.

Hogan does talk some about his injuries. The part about his reconstructed knee is particularly graphic. But other times, he mentions what sounds like very painful injuries without a bit of elaboration. How can he tear out his back after lifting the 500-plus pound Andre the Giant and not tell us about how he felt the morning after?

He doesn't do much to set the record straight on incidents that have surrounded his career. …

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