Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

OK Jags Fans, Time to Tamper with Mariucci

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

OK Jags Fans, Time to Tamper with Mariucci

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Byline: Mark Woods, Times-Union sports columnist

He has proven he can win in the NFL. He has managed to keep harmony in a locker room containing Terrell Owens. He has a personality that fans embrace.

He is the one candidate out there who stands above the rest.

OK, if you want to get picky, Steve Mariucci isn't out there and isn't a candidate.

He still is under contract with the San Francisco 49ers. And that is why, if you're a Jaguars fan, you should be upset that the 49ers rallied from a 24-point deficit to pull out a 39-38 victory against the Giants yesterday, diminishing the odds that maybe, just maybe, the 49ers and Mariucci will decide they've had enough of each other.

Mariucci, 47, is in his sixth season with the 49ers and the fourth year of a five-year extension that was signed after the 1998 season. He says he wants to come back. The 49ers say they want him to be back. Sort of.

Heading into the playoffs, rumors were flying that Mariucci needed to win to keep his job. Even if there is no truth to that, it's clear that in recent years there have been some cracks in the bond between team and coach. And if you're a Jaguars fan, you should want to see those cracks open up.

Mariucci would be a great hire for the Jaguars.

Wayne Weaver can't say this. He can't say anything about Mariucci. NFL rules, tampering, blah, blah, blah.

But this is where you could help out. There's no rule against fan tampering, is there? So you could . . .

1. Become a Bucs fan. (That's where the 49ers head next.)

2. Send Mariucci a photo of Terrell Owens . . . signed with a Sharpie.

3. If you're a realtor, fax him documents illustrating the difference in housing prices: namely that for the cost of a small bungalow in San Francisco you can own half of Florida.

4. If you're Mark Brunell, call him up -- just to "chat about the good ol' days" when Mooch was quarterbacks coach in Green Bay. …

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