Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

'Jack' a Real Downer Down Under

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

'Jack' a Real Downer Down Under

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Byline: Matt Soergel, Times-Union movie writer

Kangaroo Jack, set in the dusty Outback, is a reputed comedy so parched for laughs that you'll positively welcome the arrival, halfway through, of the flatulent camels.

Bring 'em on, you'll say! More flatulent camels, please! Long live these odiferous desert beasts!

Kangaroo Jack gives rise to such unlikely thoughts.

Sure, when one goes to a movie about a talking kangaroo, one should probably go in with lowered expectations. The world, after all, is still waiting for the first great talking-kangaroo film.

But it would be difficult to lower them enough to make Kangaroo Jack passable.

For one thing, the kangaroo in the title doesn't really talk and dance, as the ads have promised. Such vocalizing and booty-shaking occurs only during "fantasy" sequences and over the ending credits, but that's probably a little more explanation than we need here.

For another thing, this is the first PG-rated movie I can recall in which a bodacious babe takes a tank-top dip in a waterfall, rising out of the water in what I'd swear is slow-motion. There could have been another, back in the day, but my memory can't come up with it.

Oh well. Time for plot:

Jerry O'Connell (annoyingly smug) and Anthony Anderson (pathetically shrill) star as Brooklynites chasing a kangaroo while on the run from the mob in Australia (don't ask).

Out in the Outback, they run into the aforementioned bodacious babe, Estella Warren of Planet of the Apes.

That gives O'Connell the chance to fondle Warren's breasts and marvel that they're real (he thinks she's a desert mirage, so we're supposed to excuse him).

Shortly after that the camera gets all misty as Warren takes that dip in the waterfall, joined by the persistent O'Connell.

"This is the most sensual, romantic moment of my entire life," he croons. …

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