Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

From Gym to Your Home, This Workout Travels Well

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

From Gym to Your Home, This Workout Travels Well

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Byline: Tom Szaroleta, Times-Union staff writer

The gym at Gracor Fitness is packed with fancy and complicated workout equipment as Tamara Miller shows up for her first workout with trainer George Brown.

But Brown walks her right past the stair climbers and cross-trainers, into a bare room with mirrored walls.

"I'm going to be putting her through a program that a person could do even outside a gym," Brown said.

Brown said nearly all of the exercises he's recommending can be done with no equipment at all. But he recommends a simple exercise mat and a set of dumbbells, which cost about $10 each.

He begins with a brisk walk around the block to warm Miller up, then puts on some soothing music and teaches her some basic stretches. This workout, which anyone could do in his home, should take about 30 minutes, he said.

"People often think they have to have this phenomenal amount of time," Brown explained. "That's not the case. Consistency is the key. Your body will adjust by getting tight."

Brown recommends resting for about 30 seconds between exercises.

-- First, sit on the floor with legs spread, then lean over one leg and hold for a count of 10. Then stretch over the other leg for a count of 10. Lean forward between your legs, reaching as far as you can. "When you get to your pain threshold, then you stop and you hold it there," he said.

-- Lie on your back and lift a bent leg as high as you can, holding it for 10 seconds. Extend the same leg straight up and hold it for a count of 10. Put your foot down flat on the ground and roll your hips over to stretch back muscles. Repeat the exercises on the other side.

-- Stand with legs apart, toes pointed outward, arms forward, palms down, fingertips touching. Do 10 squats.

-- Get on hands and knees, hold one leg straight back and lift as high as it will go, then touch the toe to the ground. …

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