Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Forget Duct Tape; Buy a Farm Instead

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Forget Duct Tape; Buy a Farm Instead

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Byline: Terry Dickson, Times-Union staff writer

We've always joked about duct tape and its many uses.

People use it to fix ripped suitcases, to rebind the covers of worn Bibles, as grips on putters and as letters on signs. It's automotive uses are legendary. It has been used as a substitute for shattered car windows, to hold on side mirrors, as temporary seals for blown radiator hoses, to close gaps in seat covers . . .

But now we're supposed to be using the stuff as a defense against a lethal gas or germ warfare attack.

And some folks are taking it very seriously, so seriously that some chain stores ran out of the tape and the plastic sheeting, which would be used to seal doors and windows against deadly gas.

Walk into the front door of the Home Depot in Brunswick and you walk smack into a display of duct tape and plastic sheeting. Wal-Mart had plenty of duct tape last week but was running low on polyethylene.

It hasn't gone quite that way out in the farm towns.

"Evidently, they're not as worried here," said Junior Cooper, owner of Corbitt Hardware and Furniture in Willacoochee.

There's been no real run on duct tape, and Cooper figures there could be a couple of reasons.

First of all, what good's it going to do?

"Duct tape isn't going to keep that gas out of you," he said. "If it's going to get you, it's going to get you."

Cooper heard the Home Depot in Albany sold slap out.

Secondly, a terrorist wouldn't do a lot of damage in Willacoochee, where the biggest things going are a mobile home plant, a wood products company and farming.

"If they hit Willacoochee, they're not going to get a whole lot of folks, especially during the day. Everybody's working," he said.

If duct tape sales are any indicator of worry, the orange alert hasn't put Alma on edge. …

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