Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Sports Media Atwitter over Sorenstam

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Sports Media Atwitter over Sorenstam

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Byline: Mark Woods, Times-Union sports columnist

Who knew that so many sportswriters cared so deeply about women's golf?

Who knew that Tiger Woods worried so much about how decisions will impact the LPGA?

Who knew that so many talk-radio hosts fretted about Annika Sorenstam's image?

I mean, for the past week, ever since Sorenstam announced that she plans to go to Fort Worth and play in the Colonial on May 22-25, I keep hearing and reading that she might be making a mistake.

The most repeated reason: If she doesn't do well . . . it will be bad for her and her tour.

To start with, I'm not even sure that's true. Every week on the PGA Tour, a lot of good male golfers miss the cut. Some really good male golfers, guys who have won majors, have had weeks when they didn't even come close to the cut. So if she misses one -- if she does worse, blowing up and finishing last -- does that really leave a black mark on her and the LPGA Tour?

This much is certain: My peers are concerned about this. Very concerned.

Until a week ago, I wouldn't have thought that would be the case. I would have thought that the only way Annika would get any ink was if someone accidentally typed her name while trying to spell Anna Kournikova.

But, clearly, I was wrong. Everybody is looking out for the LPGA. Even Tiger. He welcomed the news of her plans for Colonial but said that "if she puts up two high scores, it will be more detrimental than good."

It turns out that talk-radio guys love the LPGA, too. Just the other day I was driving to the office and heard David Lamm arguing that this is a no-win situation for Annika and women's golf.

After I got out of the ditch . . .

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy listening to Uncle Dave. I think he and Joe Cowart have the most entertaining sports talk show in town, but . …

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