Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

In the Air; Media

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

In the Air; Media

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IT might have bigger pictures, smaller words and posey acres of white space, but the relaunched Daily Telegraph is still very much a cosy little world. Star signing Anne Robinson, left, (the Telegraph has always been good at hiring people just as they start to fade) devoted much of her debut column to someone she described as the "BDE".

This stood for the paper's "beautiful deputy editor", Sarah Sands, the executive who clinched Robinson's mega-money deal. In the gardening section, meanwhile, posh hackette Sarah Raven wrote a cloying piece about the new presenter of Gardener's World, Monty Don.

Not only is Montagu (as his toff friends call him) godfather to Raven's eldest daughter, there is also the fact that Raven is an occasional contributor to Gardener's World.

It's a small world over there.

IAIN Duncan Smith's weekend trip to Kuwait might have gone totally unreported but for a strange spat between the Tory leader and a Whitehall press officer who tried to stop him talking to the press.

Enter IDS's bullnecked press minder Mike Penning, a former Guardsman and ex-fireman, a bloke who could cheerfully pick a fight with a bag of air.

Penning saw the hapless IDS facing the flak and went over to air his grievances. Delighted hacks listened to the robust language and had their stories. A rare press triumph for the Tories.

A FEW months ago The Times's office was infested by rats. Now (and here's a sentence we never thought we would write) the rats have left Wapping. But they've left in their wake a plague of fleas and small flies that have left hacks itching. Pest control experts were called in to deal with the problem at the weekend, but the varmints were said to still be in evidence on Monday.

The suspicion is that the pests emanate from the corpses of the poisoned rodents, which may still lurk beneath the floor. …

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