Like Father like Son as War Looms; War on Terror: WAR BRIEFING

Article excerpt


PRESIDENT Bush has now put the American people and the world on notice to get ready for war, and soon, whatever the European allies and the UN may say.

The words he used were remarkably like his father's as the sands of diplomacy ran out in the days before Operation Desert Storm in January 1991.

But the tone was much tougher.

Iraq will have to be disarmed by force, and this will mean a change of regime in Baghdad.

And if this means a radical reshaping of the Middle East and the architecture of the Western alliance, so be it. The final warning to Saddam was timed to pre-empt whatever Hans Blix has to say today. In confirming that the new resolution would be put to the vote, however strong the opposition, the President issued a clear threat to the UN to come up with the goods or be consigned to irrelevance.

The fact that the resolution is being put forward will help Tony Blair, though the way in which it is likely to be defeated will not.

The references to new intelligence proving Saddam's skulduggery was almost cursory. …


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