Women Voice Fears on Night Transport; 80% WANT TO SEE MORE POLICE ON 'UNSAFE' TUBE SYSTEM

Article excerpt


MOST women believe travelling at night in London on public transport is dangerous, a survey reveals today. The poll also found more than a third of men think the Tube, buses or trains are "fairly or very unsafe".

The survey comes as at least 20,000 more people are thought to have started using public transport since the start of Mayor Ken Livingstone's congestion charge. It found:

* 61 per cent of women and 36 per cent of men think the Tube at night is fairly or very unsafe;

* 60 per cent of women and 36 per cent of men think London buses are unsafe;

* More than 80 per cent of women think putting more police on the Tube system would improve their experience of using public transport;

* The same numbers - of men and women - say a better public transport service is their highest priority to improve quality of life;

* 40 per cent of women think better staffed rail stations would be "extremely important" - twice as many as men. Another priority is a round-the-clock Tube service.

The YouGov poll of 1,000 women and men asked Londoners what would improve their quality of life in the capital.

It was conducted for Nicky Gavron, Deputy Mayor and Labour candidate for the post in the next election. Ms Gavron said: " Women should be able to travel safely around London, day or night. This is not a privilege, it is a right.

Women deserve regular, reliable and above all safe travel. …


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