Tulsa School of Metaphysics Teaches Dream Interpretation

Article excerpt

Among stress and chaotic schedules, many can come up blank in finding a solution to work-related problems. Jonathan Duerbeck said people are overlooking one key way in finding the answer: dreams.

"Every night you automatically get wonderful insight, advice and inspiration, which is exactly what you need," said Duerbeck, teacher at the Tulsa School of Metaphysics. "You have these dreams and they give you insight into yourself, but most people don't have the objectivity to see."

That's where the School of Metaphysics comes in, whose purpose is to study consciousness and how to use the mind in new ways. After a four-cycle course of study, students are awarded a Doctorate in Metaphysics.

Oklahoma has two metaphysics schools, one in Tulsa and the other in Oklahoma City.

Bryon Parrino, director for the Tulsa School of Metaphysics, said the students become legitimate dream interpreters who can analyze the subconscious connection to dreams.

"What happens at night is when they dream they are receiving feedback from their mind," he said.

"The thing about dreams is that it makes us aware of life lessons that we are learning, and more conscious of life lessons. …


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