Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Commentary: Technology Review: Samsung's Rugby Gladly Takes a Beating

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Commentary: Technology Review: Samsung's Rugby Gladly Takes a Beating

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Timex has an old familiar slogan about how its watches can take a lickin'.

Samsung has introduced a mobile phone called the Rugby, which can take fiery sparks and several other forms of severe abuse, and still be able to make phone calls.

The phone is more likely to irritate a user by dropping a call than by breaking when dropped. It is certified to meet military standards for dust, shock, vibration, rain, and an assortment of other elements that could spell the end for most phones.

The Samsung Rugby hit the market in September, accompanied by a video produced by AT&T.

The video, available from AT&T and on YouTube, features a cheery company representative who takes the Rugby to a San Antonio construction site.

While there, the phone is subjected to having fiery metal sparks shot at it, severe vibration, being scooped up and dumped from a backhoe, and run over by a large pickup truck with 2,000 pounds in the bed.

After the tests the phone seemed no worse for the wear.

I opted not to do anything that might result in The Journal Record receiving a bill for replacement of the phone, but I did drop it on several surfaces and backed over it with my Volvo.

The phone was just fine.

After being dropped on carpet, concrete, a tile floor and into a large planter, the phone was unscathed.

Then Maike Sabolich, Journal Record photographer, took the phone out for a photo at a construction site and did her own on-the-spot product test.

After being run over by a massive single-drum roller, it sustained a bit of damage to the display window on the exterior screen, but otherwise came out with only a few scratches.

And for its brawn, it also has brains, in a sense.

For one, the phone has GPS capabilities through AT&T Navigator. On a recent sunny afternoon I walked outside the offices of The Journal Record and activated the GPS. …

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