Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Commentary: Sally Kern Is Bad for Business

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Commentary: Sally Kern Is Bad for Business

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State Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, last week touted a proclamation that was embarrassing and economically damaging. She should rescind it.

Kern drafted a document she called a Proclamation for Morality. In it, she cited quotes from the Founding Fathers and the Bible, all out of context, but used to support her contention that all our nation's ills are caused by our debauchery. Specifically, Kern claimed in the proclamation, things such as same-sex marriage, abortion and divorce are responsible for the recession.

The Journal Record covers only business and legislation. It is not within our purview to tackle the many questions of faith raised by Kern's words.

We shall leave it to the theologians to argue theology.

We won't make an argument here in favor of the separation of church and state and Kern's repetitive efforts to commingle the two. We won't criticize Kern's belief system or her right to express her beliefs; freedom of speech and religion are dear to our hearts.

But we will argue that Kern is harming Oklahoma's economic development efforts and that her credibility as a legislator is so eroded that even her home district constituents must be looking at her performance askance.

Kern claimed 149 signatures on her petition that belonged, according to a House press release, to business, political and religious leaders. We asked who signed the proclamation, but were told there was no list and that the signatures were not legible. We did not see anyone we would label a religious, political or business leader at the signing ceremony and we think that if Kern is going to claim high-profile support of her position she should make public the names and positions of those 149 people. …

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