Oklahoma State University Professor Launches Book Series

Article excerpt

Think Chicken Soup for the entrepreneur.

Oklahoma State University business professor Jeretta Nord has penned the first in a series of books called A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur's Spirit.

With her new Stillwater firm Entrepreneur Enterprises LLC, the Riata professor of entrepreneurship at the OSU Spears School of Business intends to produce two to three books a year, using them as a platform for CDs, online content, Internet radio shows and other products.

"I have ideas for 50 books," she said. "This is intended to touch both the heart and the head. The stories are both inspiring and educational."

The series parallels the OSU professor's academic work. As an instructor on start-up business, she often puts guest speakers before her students to explain their business lives.

The books provide a similar service, presenting a series of entrepreneurial stories along with background notes for further examination.

"Many of them started with no money or they came from a background of poverty," she said. "A lot of it is about their passion and the entrepreneurial mind-set to have a business and make it successful."

Building synergies with her class work, Nord said the books also may function as textbooks, although she does not intend to pursue that option this year.

Tapping an investment she estimated to be around $25,000-plus, Nord used on-demand publisher Xlibris to start her series. She then secured national exposure by appearing on the Fox Business channel broadcast in New York. …


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