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Oklahoma City Medical Practice Adds Another Family Member

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Oklahoma City Medical Practice Adds Another Family Member

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Jennifer Strebel started working at a medical practice a few days ago.

Any new position comes with its share of difficulties, but joining her father and sister's medical practice has presented some unusual encounters.

"One time I got a call from a pharmacy and they said 'you are not Dr. Strebel,'" she said. "I told them 'I was and that there was a new Strebel.'"

"He said to me, 'well you have a lot to live up to,'" said Jennifer Strebel.

Obstetrician and gynecologist Gary Strebel started his practice in the early 1970s.

He chose this field because he felt it was a versatile specialty.

"Majority of our patients are healthy, majority of our patients are happy," Gary Strebel said. "We are able to do a little bit of medicine, do a little surgery, deliver babies and take care of people. That's what I enjoy doing."

Gary and Sherry Strebel have three daughters. The dinner topic usually involved medical talk.

"I can remember sitting at the dinner table, watching a slide- show presentation on a blank wall," said Jennifer Strebel.

Gary Strebel said the middle child, Julie, was the one who showed the most interest in the medical field.

Their eldest daughter opted not to go into medicine and is currently an attorney in Denver.

Julie Strebel Hager said she remembers as a child seeing people come up and talk to her dad while they were out in the community.

"Oh yeah, I had always planned from the time I was a kid, I'd watch my dad interact with patients at a restaurant or a sporting event," she said. "I realized that was the impact that I wanted to make in my city."

Gary Strebel he said he never expected to one day work with two of his daughters and his wife.

It started 10 years ago when Sherry Strebel came to the office to help out one day. She's been working there since.

Sherry Strebel is the office manager and makes sure everything runs smoothly at the practice.

"Working with one another takes give and take on both sides," she said. "You have to try and take care of the parent relationship and the sibling relationship and we do a pretty good job of that."

Julie Strebel Hager originally thought she would become a pediatrician. But when she went to medical school she was drawn to OB/GYN because she liked the idea of combining primary care with surgery.

It wasn't until she did her residency in Denver that she thought about joining her father's practice in Oklahoma City. …

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