Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Assignment Diversity Leads Photographer to Success

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Assignment Diversity Leads Photographer to Success

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When Roger Bondy first went into the photography business in 1979, he had a simple strategy for economic survival: Never turn down a job.

"I started off doing weddings and then somebody called and said, 'You do portraits?'" Bondy recalled. "I said, yep, sure do. And then somebody called me and said, 'You do medical photography?' And I said, yep, sure do. And whatever they said, I just said, yep, sure do."

That strategy paid off, and A-1 Aerial & Commercial Photography remains in business today, complete with a Web site ( But Bondy's strategy has placed him in a few unusual positions through the years, including what Bondy recalls as his most unusual assignment.

"I photographed a man who had a colonoscopy," he said. "I photographed him with his colonoscopy in action."

That assignment provided documentation for future legal proceedings - a field that Bondy soon found had a ready demand for photography, so long as you have a strong stomach.

"This is a picture where a tooth went through a lip right there," Bondy said, pointing to one legal photo in his collection.

Another picture, of a bone fragment in a person's gum, required 40 shots "to make sure we got it right," Bondy said.

A third photo, of a gangrenous leg, was taken as part of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

"We took this picture here the night before they cut the foot off," Bondy said.

To get in the hospital for a shot, such as the picture of the gangrenous leg, Bondy usually has to run a gauntlet of sorts, getting permission from virtually every official in the facility - including doctors, nurses and public relations officials.

"There's just a lot of permissions you have to get to get in the hospital to take pictures," he said.

Fortunately, not all of Bondy's assignments involve grotesque injuries. On occasion, he has even been able to photograph celebrities. Through the years, Bondy has shot portraits of officials with Oklahoma City natives at local political fund- raisers, including former Vice President Dan Quayle, Rush Limbaugh and Oliver North.

That's not to say that the stress level isn't every bit as high doing portraits as it is when Bondy shoots medical photos for lawyers, however. …

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