U.S. Rep. Watts Calls for Political Activity from Business Owners

Article excerpt

Rep. J.C. Watts, R-Norman, urged business owners to stay active in the political process, noting that politics is a game where victories are measured in small increments.

"As long as you have an opposition, you're going to have a whole lot more three-yard gains in this business than you are 50-yard gains," he said.

Although that process may be frustrating, Watts said business owners essentially yield the field to their opponents when they become disengaged.

"Those who believe in regulation, litigation and taxation, they have built an empire by saying, 'We're going to take what we can get when we can get it. Let's move the ball forward,'" Watts said.

Speaking to members of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs on Wednesday morning, Watts warned that government policy can dramatically impact the success of business and that entrepreneurs ignore the political process at their own risk.

"Capital is a coward," Watts said. "Capital will not travel to unfriendly markets."

He said that is true in both developing Third World nations and U.S. state economies.

"It is a fact. If you litigate, if you regulate and you tax, eventually you're going to run that corporation that creates 8,000 jobs (out of state)," Watts said. "You're going to force them to find a friendly environment - be it in the United States, be it in another country. …


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