There Are Jobs to Be Had in Oklahoma with U.S. Census Bureau

Article excerpt

Uncle Sam wants you.

And you.

And you.

And you, too.

Charged by the Constitution to count the population of the United States once every decade, the U.S. Census Bureau will hire thousands of Oklahomans between now and next spring to determine just how many people call the Sooner State home.

Data from the census is used to allocate funds to local, state and tribal governments. Additionally, the number of residents of each state determines how many congressional seats are allocated for each state.

"This is the largest civilian mobilization of workers in the history of the United States," said Dennis Johnson, Census Bureau regional director.

Johnson said the jobs would be a strong economic shot in the arm for the state.

"It's like having several factories open up in the state!" he said.

The 2010 Census will take place April 1, 2010.

Johnson said the positions - which are temporary - offer good pay and include the field positions of recruiting assistants, crew leaders, crew leader assistants, census takers and census clerks. The pay amount depends on position and location. Work-related mileage is reimbursed.

In Oklahoma, the Census Bureau plans on hiring more than 5,000 temporary works, said Sinda Chambers, Oklahoma City office manager. Pay for field workers begins at $14.25 an hour and ranges to $17.25 per hour.

"We're going to start hiring in mid-January," she said. "That will get us ready for the actual taking of the census."

Chambers said her office will hire workers who are familiar with their neighborhoods. …


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