Two U of OK Health Sciences Center Members Receive Awards

Article excerpt

Two University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center members have received accolades.

* Kenneth C. Copeland, holder of the Children's Medical Research Institute Ruth and Jonas Endowed Chair in Endocrinology/Diabetes, is in line to serve as president of the Lawson-Wilkins Pediatric Endocrinology Society.

* Lisa Asch, associate director of research administration, has received the Regents' Award for Superior Staff at the OUHSC.

The Lawson-Wilkins society ( is the only national organization of pediatric endocrinologists in the country, serving as the political voice for advocacy of children with glandular disorders, setting standards for care and policy, and providing a forum for pediatric endocrine research.

Copeland was elected president-elect by about 600 members throughout the United States and Canada. He will assume that office in May. The following year he will serve one year as president.

He is professor and chief of the section of pediatric endocrinology/diabetes at the OUHSC, vice-chairman of the OUHSC Department of Pediatrics and medical director of the OUHSC Pediatric Practice Group. Copeland also serves as director and membership committee chair for the Section on Endocrinology, Executive Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics and recently co- authored the first American Diabetes Association position statement on the care of children with type 1 diabetes. …


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