Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation's Stroke Treatment Advances in Clinical Trials

Article excerpt

A new stroke treatment based on discoveries by Robert Floyd, an Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation scientist, is making progress in worldwide clinical trials.

Two companies - Renovis Inc. and AstraZeneca - are developing the drug, known as Cerovive. Last week the companies announced the first results from a clinical trial involving more than 1,700 patients show a statistically significant reduction versus placebo on the primary outcome of disability after an acute ischemic stroke (a stroke caused by a blocked artery), as measured by the Modified Rankin Scale. The incidence and profile of adverse events was similar to placebo.

We're quite encouraged by these results, said Floyd. The studies indicate that Cerovive is a very safe drug.

The results represent a real achievement in the development of neuroprotective agents for stroke, said Corey S. Goodman, president and CEO of Renovis. Cerovive is the first neuroprotectant treatment for acute ischemic stroke to show a statistically significant reduction of disability in a pivotal trial of this size and scope.

About 700,000 people in the U.S. suffer strokes each year.

AstraZeneca will continue trials to determine whether Cerovive, when administered up to six hours after a stroke, protects substantial portions of the brain that otherwise would have died. …


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