OK Wind Power Assessment Committee Offers Renewable Energy Suggestions

Article excerpt

With some nurturing, Oklahoma can grow a thriving renewable energy industry, according to a report released Tuesday by the Oklahoma Wind Power Assessment Committee. That means not only more reliable, affordable energy for Oklahomans, but also an opportunity for developers to get in early on an industry that is sure to grow.

The impact of Hurricane Katrina and Rita on our energy infrastructure has made it imperative to diversify our energy portfolio, said Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Denise Bode, who chairs the assessment committee. Oklahoma has vast renewable resources as well as conventional resources, and the time to expand that development to keep energy prices affordable is now.

The committee issued a list of recommendations for the Legislature, focused on wind generation, hydro, and biomass as the state's most viable renewable resources for electricity generation.

While fossil fuels enabled our industrial development and will continue to provide a substantial share of our energy requirements, global economic development and other factors have strained traditional fuel supplies and prices have increased, reads the report's executive summary. Renewable resources are becoming more competitive as a result. …


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