Innovator Profile: BuzzDing! in Oklahoma City

Article excerpt

"Like Google alerts on steroids" is how one customer describes Oklahoma City-based BuzzDing!, a self-funded development company that's well on its way to being a global leader in the emerging field of reputation management and social media monitoring.

BuzzDing! allows companies to monitor their online reputation and marketing impact by entering just a few customized keywords and phrases. Within seconds, companies can then track news, blogs, images, video and social networking activity (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.) based on their profile. BuzzDing! provides immediate alerts whenever new information is available and allows users to take action directly from within the application.

Even more importantly, they allow clients to stay current with their business community, communicate with customers, get immediate feedback, provide reports and analyses to measure impact, market to new customers, identify current industry trends, screen potential employees, research competitors and track popular topics. All are key elements to managing a company's reputation.

Though it's technically still a startup, BuzzDing! boasts large and small clients from around the world. These clients in turn represent a huge cross-spectrum of businesses, ranging from public relations/marketing firms, software development and real estate/ property management to universities, food retailers and even micro- breweries. The company caters to all sizes of business, or what CEO Sandip Patel describes as "Fortune 5,000,000" companies. …


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