National Conference of State Legislatures Officials Endorse U.S. Senate Immigration Measure

Article excerpt

Key officials with the National Conference of State Legislatures endorsed immigration legislation passed Thursday in the U.S. Senate.

A letter sent to senators before the vote on behalf of NCSL asked lawmakers to support the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006.

According to NCSL, the measure would not pre-empt state law, but includes federal funding for states that offer certain services to immigrants.

Some 43 states, including Oklahoma, have filed more than 460 bills dealing with immigration during this legislative session.

None of the half dozen or so Oklahoma measures has made it into law.

The NCSL letter is signed by Georgia Sen. Don Balfour, who chairs the NCSL Standing Committees, and North Carolina Rep. Joe Hackney and Delaware Rep. Joe Miro, who co-chair the NCSL Executive Committee Task Force on Immigration and the States.

The letter touts the latest draft of the Senate bill, S. 2611, as striking a balance between national security and preservation of states' authority while recognizing the U.S. history as a nation of immigrants.

The three legislators point out the measure's inclusion of the State Impact Assistance Grant Program.

Under this program, guest workers would pay an application fee of $750, with an additional $100 for each dependent, into an account states could use to pay immigrant-related costs. …


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