Oklahoma Nonprofits Settle Donor Records Battle

Article excerpt

Two Oklahoma organ donation nonprofits engaged in a heated legal battle over donor records have settled their dispute out of court after parting ways on less-than-friendly terms earlier this year.

Edmond-based American Tissues Services Foundation sued Oklahoma City-based LifeShare Transplant Donor Services in July to recover organ donor records the organization claimed LifeShare was withholding. In its lawsuit, American Tissue Services claimed it was unable to continue its day-to-day operations without the records and would eventually be forced to close its doors.

"(LifeShare's) actions are creating an ongoing public health concern because the tissue donation process cannot be completed, resulting in ATSF's donors' tissues not being used for transplantation," American Tissue Services claimed in its lawsuit.

LifeShare agreed to hand over the donor records to American Tissue Services Foundation before a court hearing last week to resolve the matter, officials from both charities said on Thursday.

The two charities used to work together to connect tissue and organ donors with transplant patients in the state, but parted ways earlier this year.

The cause of the break between the two organizations was not immediately clear.

Robert Turner, chief executive of American Tissue Services, also led LifeShare before the split, but left when the two organizations parted ways. …


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