Tulsa Recycler Recognized for Environmental, Social Responsibility

Article excerpt

A nonprofit environmental watchdog group has recognized Natural Evolution Inc., a Tulsa-based electronics recycler and the only woman- and Native American-owned recycler in Oklahoma.

The Basel Action Network rates recyclers across North America and certifies the recycler according to standards of environmental and social responsibility, said Jim Puckett, BAN's executive director.

"We congratulate Natural Evolution on passing our rigorous review," said Puckett. "The public and Natural Evolution's customers can feel confident that, unlike most of the electronics recycling industry, Natural Evolution does not use dumping, prison labor, or poor laborers in developing countries to process e-waste."

"This is a rigorous process to go through, as you can imagine with all of the various materials that electronics contain," said Traci Phillips, president and CEO of Natural Evolution, 5719 E. 13th St. in Tulsa.

Phillips contacted BAN to initiate a third-party audit, which Natural Evolution paid for, she said.

"The auditor's role is to dig and verify every aspect of the information from beginning to end and if there are any discrepancies, you do not pass the audit and are not approved to participate in the pledge program," Phillips said. "During the pledge process, we had to submit all of our documentation of processes and supporting bill of lading documentation and all materials were traced and verified to final destination."

It is an expensive and complex process to recycle electronics so the poisonous byproducts do not hurt people or the planet, Puckett said.

The BAN estimates there are major ethical problems with how about 90 percent of U. …