Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Commentary: Mom Had a Tough Job

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Commentary: Mom Had a Tough Job

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My mother was a genius, and so was yours.

I write today looking out upon a 12-foot-tall cedar play set while my 1-year-old son alternately tries to climb the staircase to the second floor and pull glass lids from kitchen drawers, adding an occasional thud or cymbal crash to the ambient noise.

He has wandered into my home office and pulled the door closed behind him, which surprises him, so the current ambient noise is frantic baby-banging on a glass door.

We are here because said baby spent most of the night impersonating Vesuvius. There were a lot of sheets and jammies to wash, but not much sleep to be had. It seemed that might warrant a trip to the pediatrician, who does not have an appointment available until tomorrow afternoon. The last time we had an afternoon appointment at the pediatrician we showed up 10 minutes early and sat in the waiting room until our appointment time had come and gone and an additional hour had passed. After our five-minute visit with the doctor, we waited another 40 minutes in the exam room for the nurse to come administer the vaccinations. The explanation: She got busy on the phone and forgot we were in there.

He has re-closed the office door and is chewing on the wire connected to the speaker on the bookcase. I'm guessing that's unhealthy.

Assuming tomorrow's appointment goes about like the last one, my productivity for Tuesday and half of Wednesday will be greatly reduced. Despite that, I have been able to read and respond to e- mail, check my calendar, and adjust the greeting on my voice mail so that if you tried to call me at work today you would know that I'm not there.

There is an upside: I am writing in pajama pants, T-shirt and slippers. Downside: I have eaten two bowls of Cap'n Crunch, six handfuls of Cheez-Its and a bag of popcorn. The baby has eaten toast, organic risotto and a handful of dog food. …

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