Okla. SBA Award Profile: Majick RavenHawk, 2011 Women in Business Champion of the Year

Article excerpt

Majick RavenHawk's philosophy is that "the best way to be successful is to help someone else be successful."

A longtime business owner, RavenHawk is the founder of Engage Life Employees Assistant Program, MindShift Holistic Wellness Center and RavenHawk International. She also is host of her own radio show, RavenHawk Talk Radio, on Seattle's 106.9HD-3.

RavenHawk is a board-certified holistic health practitioner and holds several other certifications in pain management, hypnotherapy, master success life coaching, business coaching and neuro- linguistic program. RavenHawk created MindShift Therapy - a unique model for personal growth and development. She is an ordained Buddhist spiritual leader of the Soto Zen tradition. She also lectures at the Sacred Hoop New Thought Center in Tulsa.

Majick has been in business and the healing profession for more than 30 years.

In addition, she has lectured at universities and conferences across the country on native studies, business entrepreneurship and spiritual issues. RavenHawk also is the author of several articles published in business and spiritual magazines. Her up-and-coming book Healing The Thought Virus: Reclaiming Your Authentic Self speaks of her life's journey beginning as a baby sold on the black market.

"Majick has overcome hardship in her personal life and has made it her mission to help other women find success. She has devoted her life through academic study, spiritual growth and personal coaching, to understanding the various pathways to success," said Claire Cornell, assistant director of the International Business and Entrepreneurship Institute in Tulsa. "Her unique path has led her not only to succeed as a small business owner but to find her passion in helping other women achieve success, some as business owners."

For years, Majick has provided numerous businesses with complimentary business coaching services and ensures they are able to find the resources they need to be successful. …


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