Newspaper article Evansville Courier & Press (2007-Current)

Diverse Young Leaders of Today Take Long View

Newspaper article Evansville Courier & Press (2007-Current)

Diverse Young Leaders of Today Take Long View

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At Youth Resources, we are blessed to work with diverse young leaders who care less about competing with each other or climbing a corporate ladder than they do about de-fining their ladder based on their actions - now and in the future. It is this positive influence they celebrate that shapes not only their futures, but all of ours living and aging in the world around them. This doesn't mean they won't have normal challenges while growing up, but once they reach adulthood, generally most will be caring and unique.

Today's students aren't thinking about their in-fluence on just the United States, but the world, and much of that global thought has been driven by the lack of geographic lines in social media.

The youth of today are very resourceful at finding ideas to solve problems by connecting to people all over the globe. I admire how fearless young leaders are to share themselves with the world, and know that in return, the world will help them find innovative solutions to problems. Young leaders are also fearless to let the world see them for who they really are. We see young leaders emerging who are passionately dedicated to the sense of obligation to help and serve those around them.

These students are humble and they take leadership very seriously and with a sense of purpose. They have no pretenses.

"Leadership to me is being yourself," University of Southern Indiana nursing student Nathan Wire explained. "And having a positive look on everything no matter what it is. Being yourself and staying positive will open so many doors in life and create many opportunities.

I believe you can be successful by just being who you are and having fun with life." Positive youth leadership development isn't just happening in Evansville, it's a social development occurring throughout the world. The book "Passion & Purpose," by Coleman, Gulati and Segovia, shares stories told by business students about their ideas on leadership, managing others and the future. …

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