Newspaper article Evansville Courier & Press (2007-Current)

Dupee Has the Recipe for Happiness Good Morning

Newspaper article Evansville Courier & Press (2007-Current)

Dupee Has the Recipe for Happiness Good Morning

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She climbed onto the city bus a few minutes past eight in the morning, a large woman the color of weak chocolate, with a smile a yard wide and a voice hearty and loud. Her glance swept the length of the bus, and she made some light, teasing comments about the "old sour pusses" gazing indifferently back at her.

Then she burst into the contagious laughter that has become, I suspect, her trademark, her head thrown back, her eyes almost closed, letting it roll. Dupee had arrived at her "pulpit" again for another informal sermon - one in a series that has continued a half century or more and gladdened many a sour, discouraged heart.

She is Mrs. Sarah Dupee of 416 Lincoln Ave., but nobody calls her Mrs. and very few ever call her Sarah. She is just Dupee, and that, I believe, is what she prefers. In fact, she often refers to herself in the third person as Dupee. Sometimes, though, she refers to herself as "Old Blabbermouth" - then tosses back her head for that wonderful laugh. Dupee, above all else that she might be, is a philosopher - a philosopher of love in a world all too often wracked and tattered by hate and suspicion.

One time a timid, withdrawn woman who had heard Dupee during a crosstown bus ride knocked at her door during a driving rainstorm. "I've had a terrible time finding you," the woman said with a shy laugh, "but I had to do it. I want your recipe for happiness."

Dupee brought her into the house and dried her off, and fixed her a cup of coffee, and then she said

"Honey, my recipe for happiness consists of four letters - l-o- v-e. That's all it takes to be happy. Just love people."

Dupee told me the other day, as we sat at her kitchen table and drank coffee, "If you can't reach people with kindness and love, then forget it; they can't be reached."

That she should have come onto this elusive truth, and made it the sextant of her life, seems at first glance strange indeed. …

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