Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Atoka Gun Manufacturer LOKI Weapon Systems Aims for Steady Growth

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Atoka Gun Manufacturer LOKI Weapon Systems Aims for Steady Growth

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As a youngster, Erik Davis named his beloved Doberman-Rottweiler after his favorite mythical character: Loki, the Norse god of mischief and pranks. The two were virtually inseparable. But when Loki was killed by a semi truck on Davis' 16th birthday, he certainly was not forgotten. In fact, when Davis established his small rifle design and manufacturing company a few years ago, he named it after Loki.

LOKI Weapon Systems Inc. in Atoka hand-builds AR15 rifles. "We strive to build the best firearms, one at a time," Davis explained. "The attention to detail by our gunsmiths and our field testing and high-quality components assures the end user, whether a soldier, operator, law enforcement or competition shooter, a quality and dependable weapon."

The company got its start designing products for other companies. But then LOKI designed a rifle it decided it could market directly.

"The original AR15 was designed in the early 1960s to loose tolerances because of the less precise machining equipment used to tool them," Davis explained. "Our rifle is a little different. We still use military specification parts but we have redesigned the rifle to take advantage of modern computer numeric control machining and made improvements desired by people who use the rifle daily for work, hunting and competition."

The result, he said, is a rifle that will run dependably in the harshest environments and is bolt-action rifle accurate. This is achieved by starting with CNC (computer numeric control) machining billets of aluminum instead of forgings and using such modern coatings and metal treatments as nickel-boron, a coating that is self-lubricating, and nitride-treated barrels, which will last longer than chrome-lined barrels without affecting accuracy.

Davis said the LOKI AR15 can be abused like the Soviet-designed and -built AK-47, known for shooting even after being buried in mud. "But the AK-47 also is known for being very inaccurate. Our rifles can be buried in mud and then picked up and used with very high accuracy," he said.

The primary markets for the LOKI AR15 are competition, home defense, recreational and certain branches of law enforcement. …

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