Newspaper article Evansville Courier & Press (2007-Current)

Light, Fluffy and Mild, Chavrie Also Low in Fat Go Nuts with Nuts

Newspaper article Evansville Courier & Press (2007-Current)

Light, Fluffy and Mild, Chavrie Also Low in Fat Go Nuts with Nuts

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Chavrie Spreadable Goat Cheese

Taste **

Aroma *

Price **

Chavrie might sound French, but it's an American fresh goat cheese made in the small town of New Holland, Pa., in the Pennsylvania Dutch country of Lancaster County. It is available in a pyramid form and in logs.

Produced by BC-USA, the same company that makes Alouette spreadable cheeses, Chavrie pyramids are likewise very light and fluffy, more like a spread than the firm-crumbly chevre we have come to expect. It is 100 percent goat cheese, however, not a processed product. The pyramids do not even contain rennet, although the logs do.

Chavrie's website claims (repeatedly) that it is America's best- selling brand of goat cheese. With all the competition on the market these days, I'm skeptical. Chavrie also claims to be America's "first and finest" goat cheese, having been introduced in 1989. However, I am aware that Laura Chenel of Laura Chenel's Chevre, Mary

Keehn of Cypress Grove Chevre, and our own Judy Schad of Capriole Chevre in Greenville, Ind., were all commercially producing fabulous goat cheeses in the early'80s, from my own conversations with Schad and the managers at Cypress Grove; and I'd undoubtedly give the "finest" label to one of them as well.

I will say that Chavrie is a fun little cheese. It is only mildly goaty, tasty, and the very light and creamy texture makes it ideal for dips, or for spreading on bagels or sandwiches. The truncated pyramid shape is unique, and invites being gently pressed into or sprinkled with a complementary coating of spice or cracked nuts. I tried smoked paprika, and it went very well with the tanginess of the cheese. Coarsely ground, toasted cumin and chili would be a good combination as well, as would chopped sun-dried tomatoes or ground pumpkin seeds.

Perhaps as its most promising point, Chavrie also is very low fat, with only 3.5 grams for a 1-ounce serving. This makes it a great choice for topping a baked potato or pasta dish if you're trying to cut calories.

Chavrie pyramids and logs are also available in herb and garlic flavor. They can be found at many larger groceries.



Makes 10 appetizers


2 packages (5. …

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