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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Letters to the Editor

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UN Human Rights Council needs a new approach

In regard to the Dec. 10 Opinion piece, "Obama's moment on human rights": Author Iain Guest rightly acknowledges the abuses of the UN Human Rights Council. According to UN Watch's new report, 34 out of 47 Council member states had negative voting records in 2008, casting ballots against independent human rights mechanisms or basic principles, such as free speech. Human rights at the UN is in a state of crisis.

The US needs to work in concert with its allies in the free world to turn the tide.

Yet how could Americans support rejoining a biased Council that has targeted Israel in 80 percent of its censures and that denies Israel membership in any of its five regional groups?

Washington should demand evidence of a new approach in Geneva. The Europeans could do their part by finally dropping their peculiar objection to Israel joining the Western group, an important signal that bias is unacceptable.

Hillel Neuer Executive director, UN Watch


Auto suppliers need a rescue, too

In regard to the Dec. 15 article, "Rescue US autoworkers first": Rescue the automotive supply chain first. The auto supply chain owns about $60 billion in trade receivables from the Big Three. The firms in the supply chain are key to the future of the automotive industry.

The US Treasury should guarantee the current stock and future flow of trade receivables from the US auto companies for up to three years. This would secure the supply chain, assure good trade terms, and reduce the contagion risks associated with a Chapter 11 filing of GM, Ford, or Chrysler. With the guarantee of the government the suppliers could discount their receivables to US banks.

We know banks have the capital - we gave it to them.

Charles A. Stone New York

US housing bubble was created by Fed

Regarding the Dec. …

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