Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

The Power of Spiritual Calm

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

The Power of Spiritual Calm

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It's helpful when news reports give fear-reducing perspectives.

For example, this newspaper's report of injuries due to atmospheric turbulence on a recent Continental Airlines flight from Rio de Janeiro to Houston included this statement: "Approximately 60 people a year get hurt due to turbulence-related incidents. The primary reason: They're not wearing their seat belts" ("Turbulence is leading cause of air flight injuries," Aug. 3). The article helped the reader see that the number of airplane passengers injured each year by turbulence is quite low in comparison to the millions of people in flight each year. And it gave them something they can do for their safety: wear seat belts.

This daily column - "A Christian Science Perspective" - goes even further in helping readers deal with their fears. It gives them insights into the divine Science, or laws of God, that empower them to improve their circumstances even in situations where they might otherwise feel helpless.

In recent years, I've been on a long series of airplane flights from city to city all across the United States and beyond. Every now and then, but not very often, there is some turbulence, usually mild and brief. I keep my seat belt fastened, but I also do something else - I pray. It's not a fear-based "God, please keep us safe" kind of prayer, but a calm and confident "Thank you, God, for your absolute and loving control of the universe and everyone in it" prayer.

On one occasion when there was some heavy turbulence that lasted for some time, my prayers kept me calm and confident throughout. When the plane landed safely with no injuries reported, I felt that my prayers had made a contribution to everyone's safety. Let me explain.

The Bible teaches that God is the Supreme Ruler of the entire universe, including man (everyone) - that God has all the power, that nothing has power over God, and that God's power is entirely good. Jesus proved that the divine Mind, or God, is always in a state of spiritual calm and that this spiritual calm rules turbulence completely out of the picture. When faced with a violent storm at sea, Jesus spoke directly to the storm, saying, "Peace, be still. …

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