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Sex and the City 2: Movie Review

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Sex and the City 2: Movie Review

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The story line is barely there, but fabulous clothes are on full display throughout 'Sex and the City 2.'

A sequel to "Sex and the City"? I don't mean to offend all you

"SATC" fanatics, but do we really need to prolong the agony?

It's not that I'm against chick flicks. I actually rather like

them, especially when, as in the case of "The Devil Wears Prada,"

the chicks are expert performers and not simply standing around

quipping campily and modeling for the boudoir. Chick flicks are often

more fascinating than guy films, at least to this guy, because they

offer a window into a world that is usually kept out of the movies.

But there are windows and then there are windows. The

turquoise-tinted one in "SATC2" could use a deep scrub. I realize

that gaudy fantasy is essential to this franchise, but why does the

fantasy have to be so stunted?

Things begin semipromisingly, as the ladies - bestselling author

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), mother-of-two Charlotte (Kristin

Davis), workaholic lawyer Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and man-eater

Samantha (Kim Cattrall) - attend a gay wedding featuring Liza

Minnelli as headliner. This sequence is so purposefully over the top

in displaying its camp credentials that it functions as a winking

piece of self-satire. Nothing that follows has the same loony spritz.

Writer-director Michael Patrick King probably doesn't need to

worry, though, since no doubt his audience will contentedly

experience "SATC2" as a reunion with old friends - as opposed

to, you know, a good movie. But just in case, King has provided a

story line that has the women traipsing about Abu Dhabi (actually

Morocco) courtesy of a smitten sheikh. The palatial resplendence of

their $20,000 per night hotel, with its endless pastel corridors and

aquamarine pools, resembles a Harlequin Romance fever dream. …

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