Education Secretary Arne Duncan: Chicago Youth Violence 'Devastating'

Article excerpt

The most somber note in Wednesday's Monitor-sponsored breakfast with reporters came when Education Secretary Arne Duncan was asked about the murders of young people in Chicago.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan delivered a largely upbeat message about progress on education issues when he met with reporters Wednesday. While noting there is "lots of hard work ahead," he said in the past 20 months progress has "far exceeded my wildest hopes."

The most somber note in Duncan's meeting with reporters at a Monitor-sponsored breakfast came when he was asked about the murders of young people in Chicago. "The violence in Chicago and other places around the country is devastating. I thought it couldn't get much worse than when I was there. I think in fact it has gotten worse. It is staggering," Duncan said. "This continues to haunt me."

During his time as CEO of the Chicago school system, youth- related violence was "by far, by far the toughest issue that I dealt with. …


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