Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Good Health, Whatever the Season

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Good Health, Whatever the Season

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A Christian Science perspective.

I love crisp fall days. I love walking my dog and smelling dry leaves, and in my neighborhood I've watched the pure joy that kids have in raking up those leaves into a big pile and then jumping into them.

But the changing season also brings fear of disease, and it seems that wherever I go I see advertisements for flu shots. My e-mail brings banners enticing me to buy remedies against the common cold. I wouldn't disparage anybody's chosen means to keep themselves and their families healthy, but I've found that there is another way: prayer.

Although my parents were Christian Scientists, they didn't push me into it. But as a teenager I had a disease - which was never diagnosed, but exhibited all the symptoms of mumps - healed in just a day or so through relying on Christian Science. I read the Bible and passages in books by Mary Baker Eddy, who founded Christian Science. Those passages helped me understand the Holy Scriptures in a practical way, one that healed me. From this experience I realized that my folks did have something, and that I could take advantage of it, too.

At this point I don't remember what specific Bible verses or passages from Mrs. Eddy's writings I read, but I do recall feeling better almost immediately, and within a day or so the symptoms disappeared. So as a teenager I made the commitment to join the church. I wanted to learn more about God and my relationship to Him, and I found that Christian Science not only made sense, it was practical. It really did heal.

And it has continued to meet my health challenges for half a century. Christian Science teaches me that God is infinite good and all-power. God fills all space, and His action is the only action going on. Consequently, whatever appears to be a reversal of that all-active good is actually an illusion - no more real than the mirage of water on the road on a hot day. …

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