Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

American Idol: James Durbin Follows His MUSE, Haley Reinhart Tackles Adele

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

American Idol: James Durbin Follows His MUSE, Haley Reinhart Tackles Adele

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American Idol's final seven contestants sang for the nation's votes, but it was James Durbin who claimed the night with Muse's, "Uprising."

The night started out with a glimmer of promise; American Idol was thirteen strong again when the first six contestants to be voted off returned for an encore performance. Naima Adedapo, Pia Toscano, Karen Rodriguez, Ashthon Jones and Thia Megia took the stage with a cover of Pink's, "So What." There was some serious girl-power going on and Naima's over-the-top dance moves compensated for Pia and Thia's stiffness.

But then, it all went wrong . . .

Paul McDonald, wearing that ridiculous rose suit again, joined the quintet and completely killed the vibe. Now, it's hard to blame Paul for this failure (well, except the fashion one, that's all on him) since Paul would have never attempted to sing a Pink song on stage. Why? Because Paul knows what kind of an artist he is and suffice it to say, he is not Pink. It was sad really, it would have been so much more poignant to remember him bidding adieu with "Maggie Mae."

Scotty McCreery attempted to bring entertainment back with "Swingin," by John Anderson. The judges, perhaps sensing the true disaster of the Paul debacle, decided to throw the audience a bone and give real judging a shot Wednesday night. Though Steven Tyler loved it, he would have liked more boot scooting. Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson both struggled to make sense of Scotty's song choice. With a decade of music to choose from, it certainly seemed a safe and rather dull choice. C

Thankfully, James Durbin was next with the Muse song, "Uprising," which was exactly what the show needed on the heels of Paul and Scotty's performances. JLo and Randy didn't go too far out on a limb predicting James would be the best of the night. Sometimes James seems to lack the maturity needed to really shine but every once in a while, he forgoes the self-indulgence and reminds everyone that he could very well go all the way. The marching drummers didn't hurt, either. A-

Haley Reinhart took on Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." Randy thought she chose a perfect song and Steven said that despite it starting slow, it was a great performance. Haley sounded wonderful and seemed more at ease on stage than she's been in the past. B+

Jacob Lusk, or "Luther Lusk" as Steven dubbed him, chose a song that was, wait for it . …

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