Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Creativity: Can We Lose It?

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Creativity: Can We Lose It?

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A Christian Science perspective.

Creativity has been declining in America since 1990, a Newsweek study reported. The findings are based on a 1958 creativity test designed by E. Paul Torrance, which is still being taken by millions worldwide in 50 languages. If we are to see creative solutions to conflict and instability at home and abroad, this trend must be challenged and reversed. And through prayer, it can be.

In praying about the need for creative solutions to today's problems, I've asked myself if I doze off mentally and spiritually before the discouraging and frustrating screen of my own or another's problems when answers don't come immediately. My experience has shown me that praying to the one all-powerful creator, God, opens the way for receiving creative solutions in every area of life, which can break through as prayer shows us that progressive good is natural for all humanity. Fearless prayer faces down skepticism and dulled thinking that hypnotically keep individuals and nations trapped in routine and repetition.

Lack of creativity can't possibly be the outcome of God, the one divine creator, whose creation includes inexhaustible and ever- appearing good in the form of fresh and useful ideas that are always available for every man, woman, and child. And because each one of us is the offspring, the image and likeness of God, divine Mind, we have continuous access to these ideas. As we pray to understand our real spiritual source, it becomes evident that God's ideas are as limitless as their creator. They can never run out or run down.

Viewpoints in education, politics, business, and religion that are frozen in self-righteousness and prejudice melt in the divine Love that is Mind. Such attitudes are without foundation and therefore powerless to block or stop creative solutions to the world's problems. Even hatred that has been tenaciously held to and justified can be defused instantly - and creatively - by an open and forgiving response inspired by God.

When shocked by unjust attitudes and worn-out paradigms - or feeling controlled by our own - we can remain calm. Love is available every moment to uplift motives and desires. Love also silences self-seeking and self-promoting interests that close the door on fresh approaches to collaboration and peace.

Christ Jesus was awake to the spiritual fact of God's ability to pour forth His infinite flow of good ideas. …

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