Democratic Pollster Stan Greenberg: 'Republican Party Is in Trouble'

Article excerpt

Though the GOP has notched recent electoral success, "there are no more people calling themselves Republican," says longtime Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg.

Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg is chairman of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research and cofounder, with James Carville, of Democracy Corps, a liberal research and strategy group. He was the guest speaker at the Dec. 16 Monitor breakfast in Washington.

Voters' view of both parties:

"Both parties ... are in trouble, relative to their historical position.... This election will not be governed by normal rules.... [Voters] are going to be determined to throw out people that they think are making America politically dysfunctional."

Democrats' challenge with young voters:

"If you look at [the] drop in identification with Democrats amongst youth ... we are now at 38 percent, whereas it was 46 percent in the 2008 elections.... It is a long way back for young people. [They] have been hit hardest by this economy."

Republicans' problems winning new voters:

"The Republican Party is in trouble. It is not winning voters.... There are no more people calling themselves Republican ... even though they had a landslide election in 2010. …


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