Paul Revere's Ride: April 18-19, 1775

Article excerpt

April 18-19, 1775

9:30 p.m.: William Dawes, a tanner, rides slowly past British guards on Boston Neck, the only land route out of the city.

10 p.m.: Paul Revere contacts friends to hang two lanterns in the Old North Church. That's a signal to patriots in Charlestown that British troops are coming by sea, and to prepare a horse for an express rider. The troops aim to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock in Lexington, and seize munitions at Concord. 10 p.m.: British troops are quietly awakened for their secret mission. Between 800 and 900 troops will be ferried from an isolated beach in the Back Bay across to Cambridge. 11 p.m.: Revere lands in Charlestown and begins his ride. Soon he runs into British sentries who give chase. Revere outruns them, but now must alter his route. He passes Mystic (Medford) about 11:30. Midnight: Revere arrives at the Jonas Clarke home. Samuel Adams and John Hancock are there. Revere urges them to flee. Dawes arrives later. He and Revere set off to warn Concord. 12:45 a.m.: Dawes and Revere are overtaken by Samuel Prescott of Concord, who has been visiting his fiancee in Lexington. 1 a.m.: The trio run into more British patrols. Dawes and Prescott escape, though Dawes is thrown from his horse. Prescott rides on to Concord. Minutemen gather on Lexington Green. 2 a.m.: Revere is released, but his horse is confiscated. …


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