Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Are You Grieving? Bringing a Spiritual Perspective to Daily Life

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Are You Grieving? Bringing a Spiritual Perspective to Daily Life

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Many people today are gaining an understanding that God and His creation are forever. And this enables them to be healed of grieving for loved ones.

The Bible shows that prophets and apostles discerned an unbroken chain of spiritual, deathless being. They accomplished healings that prove that sickness and death are not God's will for His creation. Elisha revived a woman's son (see II Kings, Chap. 4). Jesus Christ raised Lazarus to life after he had been dead for days (see John, Chap. 11).

Jesus taught that God's sons and daughters are the beloved children of one divine Parent - not fleshly combinations of matter and mind united, having a beginning and an end. Our spiritual identity is forever - indestructible, substantial, seen in such qualities as love, intelligence, purity, and joy. All of us are in truth that perfect, immortal idea of God at this moment, inseparable from divine Life and Love.

But what about death? It certainly appears that people become sick and die, and that we are separated from them. However, an effective way to start dealing with both the fear and grief associated with death is to declare firmly to ourselves that death isn't a spiritual reality. Because God is Spirit, and is All, materiality isn't the solid fact of being it appears to be; it never ultimately defines anyone.

Through understanding the law of God that Jesus taught, you can progressively become conscious of divine Life and of the permanent place each one of us holds in God. He is always caring for His children, maintaining their life, health, identity, and individuality.

When confronted with death, we can find release from tears and grief. We can refuse to give validity to the false belief that life is in matter. Instead, we can identify each individual properly as an eternal idea of the divine Mind - spiritual, not material. Death claims to be real and final, but if God is Life, and God is All, then death is still a lie.

If you are asking, "Why did this happen? Why am I alone?" you can take a strong spiritual stand that will lift you out of this mental slough. From God's point of view, death never has happened and never will happen. …

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