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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Help Kids By Saying 'Thanks' to Teachers

Thank you for your editorial (Aug. 28) on "Valuing Childhood." I, too, am dismayed by news reports of child murderers, child soldiers, and child criminals.

The editorial lists some solutions to the problem of restoring pure and childlike qualities to our children: parental guidance, moral instruction in churches, and character building through schools, youth organizations, and law enforcement agencies.

But about schools: We place great faith in our schools to educate the entire population. So we need good teachers. And the danger is that we are losing them. Thousands of talented and caring teachers have retired or quit this year. We simply do not have enough qualified teaching applicants to replace those who choose to leave teaching.

As the new school year begins, there are hundreds of classrooms being led by well-meaning but untrained, uncredentialed, unseasoned young men and women.

But this tragedy does not have to continue. I urge school boards, superintendents, legislators, businesspeople, and community leaders to consider this problem seriously and invent ways to keep our gifted teachers in the classrooms. I urge people everywhere to encourage and thank teachers. Even better, tell that teacher's superiors, the school principal and district superintendent.

This nation can't afford to let its talented teachers leave the classroom. Please do all you can to encourage and support teachers. For our children's sake. For our future.

Kathelen Johnson

Via e-mail

Teacher and teacher trainer

Is the earth warming up?

I appreciate your articles on global warming but am concerned that in each instance I've read you seem to treat the issue as uncertain. For example, in "Worried Churches Chime In on Global-Warming Debate" (Aug. 25), you quote only atmospheric scientist S. Fred Singer,a leading critic, who said "there is no scientific consensus that global warming is occurring."

My understanding is quite to the contrary. …

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