Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Immigration: Not Just a Big-City Issue

The article "Small-Town America as Ellis Island" (June 30) about immigrants flooding into small, Midwestern towns shows that immigration is not just a big-city problem. Immigration costs Americans billions of dollars a year and is the main cause of the population growth that is destroying our environment.

A study by Prof. Donald Huddle of Rice University reported that immigration cost us $68 billion last year alone, after deducting any taxes immigrants paid. That amount will increase every year as more immigrants arrive and have more children.

The US Census Bureau predicts that our population of 267 million will almost double to around 500 million in the next 50 years. Ninety percent of that increase will be a result of immigration since 1970. Immigration and population growth will not stop in 2050 but will go on surging upward from that higher base unless we act now to stabilize our population through financial incentives and disincentives to reduce the birth rate plus a reduction of immigration to no more than replacement level.

Thomas P. McKenna

Montpelier, Vt.

Paying for havens

After reading the opinion piece on schools staying open later, "An After-School Haven Needed" (July 3), I found myself asking the familiar question, "Who will pay?" We seem to be talking more and more about asking schools to do more. This is not new.

The article would have held my interest if it addressed how society can pay for the demands made on schools as parents relinquish traditional responsibilities such as after-school supervision. The proposals are very expensive. Teachers are frequently asked to extend their school day with conferences, meetings, open house, committees, and curriculum work. Will we ask them to do even more for less? When do teachers and those who work in education spend time with their families? As a teacher I typically spend 3-to-5 hours a day, outside of the school day, on job-related responsibilities. …

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