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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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Responding to Terrorism

"New Rules in New Kind of War" (Aug. 24) indicates that cruise- missile strikes such as those against Afghanistan and the Sudan are to become a typical response to acts of terrorism against the United States. I suggest that we rethink this strategy.

Why? Because of the collateral damage, our military's euphemism for killing innocent civilians. Terrorists are, by definition, small and difficult targets. And going after them with cruise missiles is like swatting a mosquito with a sledge hammer. We may get them, but the collateral damage is likely to be considerable.

Why not send in a team to kill only those terrorists we want dead? This way is not always successful, but then neither are cruise missiles.

Robert E. Colby

Magalia, Calif.

Scandal solution?

The opinion piece "Vote to End the National Tragedy" (Aug. 21) defies imagination. It is irrational. The proposed solution to this scandal is that voters elect a Democratic Congress. This is precisely the wrong method to solve this problem, because Democrats are those who feel the most betrayed by President Clinton's legal play with words. Vice President Gore is on vacation in Hawaii and senior Cabinet members are out of Washington and unavailable for comment. This intentional distancing represents the real solution to this "national tragedy."

There is only one solution: Democrats too must abandon Mr. Clinton. They need to write him off as an aberration from what the party really represents. Only in this manner can the integrity of the office of the president be maintained.

In the November election, either Republicans or Democrats must gain a sufficient majority to control Congress on a scale comparable to the Reconstruction Congress. Party discipline must be enforced. This is the only way the nation's business can carry on in the face of a crippled president.

Olivia Lau

San Francisco

Ecology - a balancing act

"West's Balancing Act: Economy, Nature" (Aug. …

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