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New tools of science are helping people find their roots across continents. In Siberia, Moscow Bureau Chief Judith Matloff found a scientist who may have located a people who are the most genetically like native Americans. That could put a new spin on the term "native". Quote of note: "If we have a mutual past, then we hope it will help promote cooperation with the Americans." - Orlan Cholbeney, head of the Tuva Republic mission in Moscow.

Get ready for the "e-purse." Europe hopes to spread the use of electronic money cards. The US is lagging.

Many Muslim nations are torn between Islam and a strong secular military - except Nigeria. Our story explains why. - Clayton Jones World Editor REPORTERS ON THE JOB * FLYING WITH ROYALTY: When our Africa writer Lara Santoro flew across Nigeria from the city of Kano (story, page 7), she received an unexpected upgrade. She had boarded a rather unpleasant and small aircraft run by Kabo Air and was waiting for takeoff when a flight attendant came tearing down the aisle, shooing everybody off the plane to a bigger, better aircraft. No explanation was given. But then she saw a commotion on the tarmac, with porters screaming, traffic controllers waving their arms, and police hollering. They were helping a small squat man approach the new plane. …


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