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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

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El nio polishes its image WASHINGTON - El Nio may not have been as detrimental as once thought, notes a study by Stanley Changnon, a leading climatologist.

The weather phenomenon produced only a mild winter in the Northern states and blocked Atlantic Coast hurricanes. El Nio is a periodic warming of the water in the eastern Pacific Ocean that shifts weather patterns and can affect the climate worldwide. Other climatologists say La Nia, a cooling of the Pacific ocean's surface, is worse for America because it causes more hurricanes and tornadoes that spread over a wider region.

Selling rain forest oxygen

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS - Honduras is joining other poor nations that "sell" oxygen to industrialized countries and use the money to protect tropical forests. An agreement with Canada will be signed next week.

The deal stems from developed nations' large production of carbon dioxide, the gas believed to cause global warming. Therefore, some think, these countries are morally responsible to pay for the protection of endangered carbon dioxide-consuming ecosystems, such as the Honduran tropical rain forests. …

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