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The military chief of Pakistan is looking for a way to "restore constitutional democracy," an aide to the head of state said. Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf was conferring with President Rafiq Tarar and other senior political leaders on various options, the aide said. Meanwhile, however, soldiers evacuated and sealed off Parliament, took ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to an undisclosed location, arrested commanders who were close to him, and barred hundreds of his Muslim League members from leaving the country.

Global reaction to the US Senate's failure to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty was mostly negative. Led by the European Union, Russia, China, and Japan, governments lined up to express dismay or to accuse the Senate of undermining world stability. India said it still was committed to signing the pact. But its nuclear rival, Pakistan, in the midst of a military coup, had no immediate reaction.

A buffer zone that would prevent further clashes between Indonesian forces and the multinational intervention troops in East Timor was proposed by the latter's commander. Relations between them have been severely strained since a gunfight last weekend that, Indonesia claims, killed one of its policemen. But Australian Maj. Gen. Peter Cosgrove, the intervention force leader, disputed reports that at least 150 anti-independence militiamen had infiltrated secretly back into East Timor from the island's western sector with plans to conduct a guerrilla campaign against his troops.

Hints that this year's Nobel Peace Prize may be awarded to one or more Chinese political dissidents brought angry denunciations from the communist government in Beijing. …


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