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NO, WE WON'T HELP YOU OUT There are good neighbors, and then there are the people who live near Joseph Webb. As the Milwaukee resident and his wife attended church last Sunday, a burglar broke into their house to steal all the valuables he could carry. Happily for the Webbs, however, he was spotted, and word spread quickly up and down their block. When he tried to leave, he found every avenue of escape blocked by a citizens posse. Moreover, one of them had phoned the police, who found the suspect still trapped inside. Said a neighbor who was part of the group: "We just did what was right."

BUT THE TAX STAYED THE SAME If you're one of those folks who laugh off the potential of Y2K computer problems, read on. From Portland, Maine, comes word that one has happened already. State computers, misreading 2000 as 1900, generated hundreds of titles for brand-new cars and trucks under the category "horseless carriage" - the official designation for vehicles built before 1916. Still, Gov. …


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