What's New ; for Sale on International Market - Human Sperm

Article excerpt

The international human sperm trade, a rarely heard-of industry, is reaching out and creating demand around the world. It is also raising ethical and regulatory questions.

"It's a very clandestine industry ... a very quiet industry," says John Olson, the executive director of Cryogenics Laboratories in Roseville, Minn., and a 30-year veteran in the industry. Mr. Olson says that while the sperm trade is global, regulations vary widely around the world.

"We provide only to the physicians upon personal request," says Olson. "We want to make absolutely sure who we are dealing with in Europe."

Denmark, one of the leaders in providing sperm to other countries has a different regulatory process than America.

Cyros, a Danish company and one of the leaders in the industry, is having success because of laws requiring donor anonymity. Britain requires men to give personal details, which are kept in a national database. This requirement has reduced the number of donors. Last year, Cyros struck a deal with the British government to export bulk amounts of its product to a sperm bank in Scotland where there are few donors. …


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