Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

A Sure-Fire Way to Beat Clinton

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

A Sure-Fire Way to Beat Clinton

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Daniel Schorr's Feb. 17 column, "Everyone's running against Clinton," triggered a related thought: Conservatives have finally figured out a way to beat the president - claim every McCain or Bush primary victory is a defeat for Clinton.

Conservative commentators and talk show hosts across the country have been boasting this past week: "The Senate may not have convicted President Clinton, but in their fashion New Hampshire voters just did," or "McCain won big not because of campaign- finance reform but because voters loved the idea of voting for someone who seemed to be everything Clinton isn't."

After suffering two presidential defeats and five years of watching their congressional leadership repeatedly outmaneuvered, claiming victory against Clinton after each GOP primary must feel pretty darn good. And by claiming victories against their political nemesis in races he's not actually in, Republicans have finally figured out a way to guarantee their side wins.

Ray Giles Roseville, Calif.

The press favors McCain ... for now

Your article "This year, apathy is out and politics is in..." (Feb. 15) raises questions that are easy to answer. The media are performing as enthusiastic cheerleaders for Sen. John McCain. The media know that all indications are that Al Gore will have easy sailing to his coronation at the Democrat Party convention.

But how long will the media's love affair with McCain last? We know that 90 percent of the people in the media are Democrats, so it is safe to assume that they will go home to roost with Al Gore come November. An indication that the present enthusiasm will not be long lasting is that the Al Gore and Bill Bradley camps don't seem very worried about Democrats crossing over to vote in the Republican primaries. Many primaries are open primaries, so people in either party are free to vote willy nilly.

If the Democrat Party apparatus perceived a real threat to the solidarity of their base, they would be taking serious pot shots at McCain, which they are not doing. …

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