Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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The drug raid by Spanish authorities on the freighter Privilege was carried out in dramatic style. One hundred investigators - some climbing down ladders suspended from helicopters - swarmed aboard the ship on the high seas near the Canary Islands. They unloaded the official cargo of steel coils and asphalt, painstakingly searching every inch for the - shall we say - unofficial stuff. All 20 crew members were arrested. But the agents, who had hoped to intercept five tons of cocaine, couldn't find one trace. The crew subsequently was released.


For years, the Columbus Day parade in Denver has been a particularly sensitive issue with native American activists. They allege the explorer ordered the killings of indigenous peoples. So federal, state, and city negotiators have labored to find a compromise on how Denver celebrates the date. The solution? Oct. 7 now will feature the March for Italian Pride.

What women tell survey they 'always' carry in their purses

If you're female and grown up enough to carry a handbag, it may interest you to know that results of a new survey indicate the largest percentages of your sisters own at least four of them (costing between $20 and $100 apiece), and that they feature "lots of organizing compartments. …

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